History of Proven Usefulness

Since around 2002 or 2003, I've used a version of MicroManager (which was written in Java back in those days) and it has proven so useful.

Back then I was constantly getting IM's from other work associates asking questions, passing on gossip, and sending requests. Many times I would get requests for a status update from my manager only to then get an email later for the same request even after I had already answered the request in the original IM.

At this point I wished that my manager would stop forgetting the information I had sent him and it hit me. If only I could record this information and whenever a request for a status update was made, I could just grab that from somewhere as I didn't have the time to keep track of this with so much multi-tasking I did.

I designed and created MicroManager to be my manager. To be my manager in the sense of what he was to me at that point in my life, which was a anonymous requester of status reports.

MicroManager is designed to resemble an IM chat window in which you answer that question from that anonymous manager of "what are you doing?"

I have used MicroManager many years so far and I've had several friends ask for it and use it. I have now made it publicly available in hopes that a user base will form and challenge me to add more to it to make it even more useful.

My dream is to use it to start the company I've dreamed of that produces more software to help people in many more ways.

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